Best Casino Movies

When it comes to movies, there has been nothing as grand, exciting and cool than watching casino movies. It is really fun watching those players tagging around sexy and beautiful women and winning their games and shooting people in action. This has been the trademark of almost all casino movies.

There are even some scenes where you can see the character playing on slot machines, trying his luck and puff! He won the jackpot! This is really quite inviting and tempting that even you, yourself would want to go out there and try your luck too.

One of the famous and most sought after gambling destination is Las Vegas. It is even dubbed as the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas has been the inspiration of almost all casino movies such as the 1960’s film Ocean Eleven where the famous rat pack – Sammy Davis, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra planned to rob 5 of the famous top casinos in Las Vegas in one single night.

In 2001, Ocean’s Eleven made a successful come back starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt. The story line was twisted a bit but never failed to showcase the glamorous image of Las Vegas.

Next stop for a casino movie is the movie Honeymoon in Vegas that starred Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker. The movie is a comedy flick of a long-time couple who decided to get married in Vegas. The conflict started when Betsy (Sarah Jessica) was spotted by a gambler and wanedt to spend the weekend with Betsy. This movie offers a good old laugh to tickle your funny bones.

Another must see casino movie is Rounders starring Matt Damon who is Mike McDermott. Here Matt plays the character of Mike who was dubbed as the one of the best poker players in the world and had given up playing poker in order to finish his studies in law school. When an old friend of Mike's, Worm played by Edward Norton was then released from his prison cell, convinced him to play poker again in order to pay some bad debts that he had incurred in the past. Then, it was such an overwhelming story where Mike finds himself in a situation where the temperature is rising and he is playing poker games where the jackpot is always increasing.

Your list of casino movies will never be complete without having to watch the 1995 movie of Martin Scorsese entitled Casino. This has been dubbed by many to be the best definitive portrayal of a casino. This movie has full-house award-winning actors in it such as Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci.

Now, you can definitely sit back and relax and watch a casino movie. Who knows, you might gained quite a few tricks of your own and get to winat an online casino the next time you decide to play.