Are All Slot Machines Made Equal?

If you are fond of playing at a casino, you have probably seen a few slots machines around. Maybe you have asked yourself, are these slot machines are made out of the same blueprint. To some extent yes, you insert coins into the machine and pull the handle and wait for the result. That’s it. This is what slot machines are designed to do. But the difference will lie between the physical design and the lapse of time it will take to give you results. Come to think of it even the design of the chair you are going to sit upon is carefully handpicked in order to make every player comfortable. Slot machines are one of the most high-paying gaming machines in any casino. No wonder there will always be slot machines in every casino there is in the world.

Today, there are various slot machines such as Quartermania and Megabucks that have made it big in the mainstream due to its high jackpot. However, the cost of playing on these slot machines is also high. In a progressive slot machine, approximately 15% of every coin you put into the slot machines will go directly to the jackpot. Even if this may sound a good thing to the lucky jackpot winner, the chances of having your money returned are lower. If you want to hurdle the long run and get hyped with progressive or online progressive slot machines, then this could be your ultimate gig to win a large amount of cash. There is a downturn with online slot machines as the chances of winning is about 50million is to 1. You might want to turn your back and engage in the traditional slot machines.

If you are keen in earning big returns on the amount of money you put in, you might consider playing on straight multiplier machines. Even if the payout is not that much compared to slot machines, at least these machines are designed in order to give higher payouts for the winner.

Often, there are slot players who have this notion that there are certain machines that are hot and some that are not. There are even some beliefs that the slot machine that is closest to the entrance door will give a player more chances of winning since casinos would want to attract people passing by and let them spend a few minutes in order to play slots. If a player jumps and shouts that he just won, this will in turn draw big attention.

Are you eager to first try your luck on slot machines? Then, look for certified slot machines. These machines will give you information regarding it’s payout percentage. Be sure you have enough money to bet on and enough money to come home with if you lose. Don’t leave yourself empty-handed. You might see yourself walk home if you are not careful.